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Aunt D's New Year's Resolution

We are now into the second month of 2018! We know we all made resolutions, but have we stuck with them? Are we struggling with them? What was my New Year's Resolution you ask... To work on my social media techniques. I was raised during a time that social media consisted in the form of ads on your television. We didn't have cell phones until I was in college. I remember the excitement in my family the first time my dad came home with a car that had a phone! It was the size of regular phone, but it was in your car! Oh how the kids scrambled to borrow that car!

Throughout my years, I worked hands on jobs with crazy hours. My cellphone had no internet, only texting capabilities. Now I know a lot of you may be wondering... how did you survive with that!?!? Guess what, I survived just fine. In fact, it seems back then, with all my crazy hours, I actually had more time to myself to create and actually enjoy family and friends, face to face.

Facebook was my first social media, and it was amazing! I got to reunite with so many people I hadn't talked to in years! Connections made through a simple search on a little site! Sadly, my life seemed to become consumed by it; there was no longer time to create. I was sucked in to hearing about everyone else, I lost myself. I then made the decision to stop it and get back to life and creating!

This is when I created some of my best portraits, as well as natural products for me to use so I could get rid of the nasty chemicals I was putting on my skin. This is when my friends and family started to ask me for the products I was creating. This is when Aunt D's Naturally Crafted was created!

My first year with Aunt D's Naturally Crafted was a great beginning! I met great people at fairs and around town, I got to introduce people to the amazing capabilities of natural products and the great feeling that you get inside when you know you are eliminating toxins from your life. Though, if I am expecting Aunt D's Naturally Crafted to grow, I have to add the social media. But where to begin??? After speaking with some amazing people and some small tweaks to the product line and website, I am ready to go! So, join me to see if I can keep up my New Year's Resolution and get the great benefits of ridding ourselves of as many toxins as we can through daily use of natural products! Maybe as a team, we can all succeed!

What's your New Year's Resolution? How are you succeeding?

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