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What's the Difference?

One day I walked into a store with my friend that claimed it was an all natural store for skincare and makeup. As I make my own products, I was intrigued to see what was in the items. I started to notice a trend, these items were not all natural. What was the thing that made me realize that they weren't truly natural products? Fragrance oil. How can you claim your product is natural when you use fragrance oils, not essential oils.

Now I know what you're thinking... aren't essential oils and fragrance oils the same thing? I mean they both have a scent, right? In actuality they are not the same. Let me explain.

Essential oils are made from a process where plant or resin matter is put through a distillation process. Oils are extracted from the plant and that is exactly what you are getting when you purchase an 100% pure essential oil. A large amount of plants or resins will go through the process to make one small bottle, which is why they can be pricey. The oil does not only contain the lovely scent of the plant or resin, it also contains great benefits. Let's take lavender, for instance, it has the ability to calm or eliminate nervous tension, treat respiratory problems, cleanse and disinfect the skin and relieve pain. Frankincense (where the resin is distilled) can heal the skin, prevents signs of aging, aids in reducing stress and negative emotions, a great astringent to get rid of germs and bacteria and balances hormone levels. Doesn't it amaze you that we can benefit in so many areas of our health, beauty and emotions with these concentrated oils, plus enjoy the amazing scents!

Fragrance oils, on the other hand, are synthetically made. They are a mixture of essential oils, synthetic aroma chemicals and aromatic resins. They do not have the same health benefits as essential oils. In fact, they don't really have any health benefits as the essential oils as they have been manipulated with solvents or other additives; they are designed purely for the purpose of mimicking a scent. So what is the benefit of a fragrance oil? Well, it does have it's benefits. First, since they are not 100% natural (remember, it takes a lot, and we mean a lot of plant matter to make one small bottle), they are more cost effective to use in some products. Their scent lasts longer then essential oils and are more consistent as they are chemically manipulated.

So why not use fragrance oils instead of essential oils for my products? That's the easiest answer... because there are no health benefits and they are chemically processed. The only thing fragrance oils have going for them is the scent... that's it. That's why I make my products for the natural benefits they give us and for the shear satisfaction that what my skin is absorbing is natural. But hey, everyone is different. I know people who are all about the intense scent fragrance oils can give off, not that essential oils don't smell delectable. They do... just in a calmer way, though come by my booth during fair season and you might not think so.

So what do you prefer? How do you feel about essential oils? How about fragrance oils?

Until next week... Stay Natural!

Aunt D

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