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Liquor the Germ Kicker?!?!

What if I told you that you may have a bottle in your liquor cabinet that could help you clean.... now I don't mean drink and clean (though that can make cleaning a little fun. Personally I like wine with my grime), but I mean actually clean and disinfect your home naturally... without the harsh chemicals. You think I'm crazy, don't you. Maybe slightly, but not in this case. What is that bottle of alcohol, you ask... Vodka! Yes, Vodka.

First, let me ask you something. Have you ever looked at the ingredients of all those cleaning products you use in your home? Do you know what they are? What they can do to you and your loved ones? If you took a moment to research, I promise you, it would make you sick to your stomach. Last night I participated in a webinar about how to naturally rid yourself of allergies. Do you know that one of the top things they say can help, is to get rid of all the chemical cleaning products and clean your house naturally. The reason they stated this is because those chemicals can break down our immune system. So if you could, why not clean naturally. But with Vodka??? Yes Vodka! Let me explain...

Vodka is generally composed of ethanol (a colorless liquid which is produced by the natural fermentation of sugars; alcohol) and water and it is a natural disinfectant, therefore it can kill the germs. Remember the old war movies when the doctor would put a little drink on the wound and on the knife he will operate with? They do that because it sterilized the wound and the apparatus to do the surgery. Now put that theory to cleaning your house. When you clean, you want to sterilize your house and get rid of the nasty bacteria and germs that will make you and your loved ones sick.

Last week I gave you a great natural soft scrub cleaner. Did you try it yet? I'd love to hear if you did. This week I want to give you a couple of simple recipes using Vodka as your cleaner. Trust me, when I give you these recipes, plus the soft scrub, you will have almost every cleaner needed to clean your house (not including dish soap, laundry soap but the stuff you need to clean the inside of your house.)

The first recipe I would like to share with you is an All-Purpose Cleaner for your countertops, cabinet doors, and even your windows. Yes, even your windows, shower doors, china cabinet glass, etc. Bye Bye Windex! Bye Bye Clorox! You won't believe how simple this recipe is,... see for yourself:

All-Purpose Cleaner

1 spray bottle used for cleaning (preferably glass)

1 part Vodka

(no need to get the expensive type, just get the cheapest high alcohol content one)

1 part Water

10 drops of Lemon Oil

5 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil

(The oils are completely optional but adds more disinfecting power

and smells great.)

Put all the ingredients into the spray bottle and shake.

That's it! I told you it was easy!

The only thing you have to remember is to shake it up when you first use it each time.

Another great and easy cleaner is the Disinfectant Spray. This is for the heavy duty things such as using it on your cutting boards and countertops when meat has been prepared on them. This one is just as easy as the first:

Disinfectant Spray

1 8 oz. spray bottle used for cleaning (preferably glass)

3 oz. Vodka

3 oz. White Distilled Vinegar

2 oz. Water

8 drops Peppermint Oil

5 drops Lavender Oil

Put all the ingredients into the spray bottle and shake.

I'm sure you didn't think these recipes could be that easy, did you?

Here's some extra tips, if you have nasty soap scum on your glass shower doors, you can spray the Disinfectant Spray on it, leave it for 15-20 minutes and wipe away. Mold gathering on the caulking in your shower? Hit it with the Disinfecting Spray, let it sit and wipe. See, who needs the nasty chemicals when good ole Vodka will do.

Also, there are so many oils that have antibacterial and anti-microbial qualities such as clove oil, cinnamon oil, rosemary, just to name a few more, so feel free to put together your own scent, just keep in mind the lives in your house, two legged and four and do your research.

It's amazing how many uses for Vodka, - you can clean your house, extra-clean your hair, deodorize your feet, dull the pain of a toothache and the one that blows me away.... stop the irritation of poison ivy before it starts! Yes, you read that right! If you should rub up against some poison ivy immediately pour some Vodka on the spot. The alcohol will wash away the urushiol oil that causes poison ivy to be itchy. Now how's that for a use of Vodka!

On a final note, just because it's Vodka, does not mean you can squirt it in your mouth when you are cleaning. Remember, it has essential oils in it as well that could harm you if your ingest them. Just put wine into another glass and keep that on the side to sip.

Are you ready to give this a try? What essential oils did you use? Do you use another type of alcohol to clean? Let me know.

Until next time.... Stay Natural!

Aunt D

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