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You Just Have to Get Back on the Horse

Where did last Monday go?!?! I was doing so well with my New Year's Resolution! Then I go ahead and miss writing to all of you last week. You know what... It's okay. Hey, we aren't perfect (I know someone, or maybe a few people, that will attest to the fact that I am not), life get's crazy (I'm working on my Aromatherapy Certification and I had to really concentrate on the Physiology and Anatomy... I passed the test!), and in the end, we just have to get back on the horse!

I think it's important that we remind ourselves of this, when starting something new. Whether its a new diet, getting over a bad habit, or even changing something in your lifestyle. We're all bound to take a back step, but it's okay. You can't beat yourself up about it, you just have to climb back onto that horse. Always keep in mind, the reason you are bringing this "horse" into your life and how it will benefit you in the end, within the mind, the body and the soul.

Lately, I've been running like crazy, between work, the business, going for my Certification, and normal everyday things. I sometimes feel I can't keep a clear head and I can sometimes find myself to be a tad more sarcastic (than normal... sorry I love sarcasm) because some days I'm at my wit's end. So... My newest challenge for myself is meditation. I felt it could help clear my mind, fine tune my concentration and help release any negative side that regularly comes out as obnoxious sarcasm (I may be falling off this horse quite a bit, but that will change). Needless to say, I just started... as in today. I'm not about to go crazy right off the bat and work at meditating for a 1/2 hour right from the start. No.... I plan to go little by little and work my way up to where I would like to be. I'm prepared to have to climb back on that horse a few times until I get it right, because in the end I know it will benefit me. So I started with 5 minutes in the morning (or at least until my old pup is ready to go out) and I know as each day or each week that goes by, I'll meditate for a little longer. In the end I will reach my goal until I take on another challenge of staying on the horse. I'll even let you know how this goes!

So the moral of today's blog is if you fall off the horse, just get back on... figuratively speaking (because sometimes it will hurt to fall of a horse, I know from experience). Just keep in mind on how you're trying to do something to change your life for the better and you will succeed! I'd love to hear about the "horse" in your life, on how you're staying on it or handle it when you fall off, and how it's changing you for the better!

Until next week... Stay Natural!

Aunt D

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